Welcome to Lundaspelen 2017


Lundaspelen is here for the 40:th year in a row.

One of Lund´s finest traditions is to receive handball youth teams during the last days of the year (26.12. 2017 – 30.12.2017).

We at LKP are delighted that the city of Lund receives these teams from all over the world and help them.

At LKP we can offer a specific parking permit for all visitors to Lundaspelen. They will be sold through EasyPark -app.

The parking permit will only be valid in parking areas signposted LKP. The parking permit is NOT valid at special marked places (förhyrda platser). Note that the parking permit is Not valid at Ideon, Mobilvägen or in our parking garages (except for Arena Park).

For further information regarding Lundaspelen,


Welcome to Lund