LKP offers attractive parking solutions in the city centre of Lund to both private individuals and organisations. 

Our long-term goal is to become one of the country’s greenest parking companies by offering innovative and environment-friendly solutions. With current legislation as the minimum level and our coworkers’ commitment as the driving force, we strive to increase our environmental ambitions step by step. Our goal is to act proactively as far as possible. 

Our three overall targets: 

  1. In collaboration with Lund municipality work to decrease emissions and noise from unnecessary traffic in the city centre.
  2. To manage our parking operations with minimum climate and environmental impact. 
  3. To gradually improve the environmental impact of our offices. 

Mobility house Svane

We strive to incorporate innovation in our parking solutions to do our share for a better city environment and reduced environmental footprint. The mobility house Svane is a good example of this effort. The building holds 580 parking spaces of which 60 have EV charging stations powered by 1,008 solar panels on the roof of the building – which means you’ll charge your vehicle with direct sunlight. Excess solar energy is stored in batteries that step in when the solar energy is not enough. In this way the mobility house is self-sufficient in electricity for EV charging. 

We’re constantly on the lookout for solutions like these to make our parking facilities, as well as the entire parking business, more flexible, innovative, and environment friendly.