Together with Skånetrafiken, LKP offers a beneficial parking solution aimed at commuters who travel by car to Lund. You can easily find the commuter car park next to the E22 and then change to the tram to downtown Lund. All you need is a favorable combined parking and tram ticket, a so-called Park&Ride ticket. 

The Park&Ride ticket comes with several benefits; you pay less for parking, contribute to less traffic in the city centre, and avoid the hassle of finding a parking space. 

How do I buy a Park&Ride ticket? 

  1. Buy a monthly permit or a 24-hour ticket at Skånetrafiken. 
  2. Go to the LKP website or our app “LKP AB”. Find the list of monthly parking permits, choose “Pendlarparkering Brunnshög” (commuter parking Brunnshög) and pick either “Brunnshög pendlarparkering månadsbiljett Skånetrafiken” or “Pendlarparkering Brunnshög Dygn”. Then click “Fortsätt” (continue).
  3. Choose start date for your parking permit and enter the ticket ID of your Skånetrafiken ticket. Confirm your purchase. 
  4. Voilà! Your Park&Ride ticket is ready for use. 
  5. Just park your car in the commuter car park and hop on the tram to downtown Lund.

Go to the travel planner at Skånetrafiken to get more information about tram departure times. The tram station at the commuter car park is called “Brunnshögstorget”. 


When you buy a combined Park&Ride ticket you’ll only pay 200 SEK/month for the commuter parking permit which is 50 percent less than the ordinary rate.


The commuter car park is located in an area that is not yet fully developed; hence no defined address. You’ll find the commuter car park next to the tram station Brunnshögstorget close to the Brunnshög parking garage. See below for directions from Solbjersvägen. 

From Solbjersvägen at Brunnshög, exit the roundabout by taking the Odarslövsvägen (follow signs to Ö Odarslöv/Brunnshög N/MAX IV/ESS) and follow the road until you see a parking and tram sign on your right-hand side. Turn right after the sign onto a straight, paved road leading to the commuter car park.