A digital monthly parking permit is valid per calendar month, and you’ll have to renew your permit once every month. The permit is subject to availability, which means that you can use any vacant parking space in the car park where you bought your permit. The digital monthly parking permit is a very flexible service; you won’t commit to more months than you pay for, and you can change your preferred car park month by month. 

You can also use our app to handle your digital monthly parking permit. Just download “LKP AB” from App Store or Google Play.

Make sure to check your preferred month and car registration number before confirming your permit purchase.  

Renew your permit

Your parking permit will not be automatically renewed. For continuous validity, you’ll have to renew your permit regularly. Note that you can book your permit up to 11 months in advance by selecting the right month in the menu – but you’ll have to book one month at a time, and you cannot book 11 months in the same reservation. 

The cost will be withdrawn the first day of every month. In other words, you will not be charged for more than one month at a time even if you book your permit for multiple months on the same day. There is no notice period, but you cannot pay for less than one calendar month at a time. 

How does the monthly parking work? 

First, look for signs saying “Månadskort gäller” (“Monthly parking”). If you have a digital monthly parking permit, follow the directions and park your car in the open areas. You won’t need a key tag and you can use the car park all day. During the night the facility is closed and locked. Should you need access to your car during the closed hours, the security company can open the car park for a fee. See opening hours for our car parks on the maps below. 

Are you a business customer? Contact us for more information. 

Ideon or Castellum?

Ideon is an area west of Scheelevägen. Digital monthly parking permits for this area also include parking in car park Delta (Ideon). 

Castellum is a car park east of Scheelevägen. When you buy your digital monthly parking permit you can choose either “Castellum” for business parking, or “Castellum Private”. Both versions of the permit apply to the same parking area. At Castellum you may, in addition to parking where the signage says “Månadskort gäller”, also use the areas with signs saying “Parkeringstillstånd erfordras” (Parking permit needed).

See the maps below for more information about the locations. Zoom in on the maps by using the + and -symbols in the lower left corner. 

Areas applying to Ideon permits: 

Areas applying to Castellum permits: 

LKP reserves the right to follow our clients’/landowners’ decision to close down parking spaces on occasion due to maintenance work. In such cases, we do our best to inform all our customers who may be affected by this, and recommend them to buy another parking permit at the nearest available car park. We do not have the opportunity to offer replacement parking places on behalf of our clients.