Here you can find information on how to park with your caravan or mobile home.  

Mobile Homes 

Currently LKP does not offer any parking spots for mobile homes.

However, there are a number of spots around Lund that the municipality have arranged for 24-h parking for mobile homes. You are allowed to stay overnight, but there are no utilities such as power or water.

It’s free of charge to park with your caravan at the spots below, where there are signs with a P and an additional sign for caravans, no matter the ordinary charge for parking with a regular car. This applies a maximum of 24h on (non-holidays) Monday-Friday. In the weekend free parking applies.

  • Slåttervägen: Two spots
  • Tage Erlanders väg: Two spots
  • Ulrikedalsvägen: Two spots
  • Måsvägen: One spot

If you are only visiting for a few hours, there is also parking on Ällingavägen. Here you are allowed to park for 4 h, but not stay overnight.


With caravans you are welcome to park on LKP’s own facilities, as long as the car and the caravan fit into one parking spot each. The fee is per parking spot, so make sure you purchase two in total, one for the car and one for the caravan. Register the licence plate number for the car on one ticket, and the plate number for the caravan on the other ticket.

The same regulations as for a regular car applies. Look for more information on the signs at each location.


There is also the option of parking with both caravan and mobile home at Källby Camping.

For more information: Källby Camping