When you report a problem, our goal is to correct the error as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your request, it may in some cases take a while before we can take action. In the form below you can choose which department you’d like to address. To facilitate the process, please choose the category that you believe suits your request best. 


You are welcome to use the form below to send in your report if you have you noticed anything in our parking facilities that doesn’t function properly. We will tend to your request as soon as possible, and also let you know what actions we will take if you wish us to do so. We really appreciate your assistance in keeping our facilities in good shape!

Properties and flats

If you’re a resident in one of our flats and need urgent assistance that cannot wait until the next workday, contact our on-call service via “Klimat & Automatikkontroll”, phone +46 40-6307300. In the event of an emergency call due to an error caused by yourself, or a call that is not considered urgent, you may be liable for payment for the service cost. 

For problems regarding cable TV, contact Com Hem customer service on 0771-55 00 00. The customer service is available Monday-Friday 9 am – 8 pm. 

Also choose this category if you have questions or feedback on information signs in our facilities, such as car parks as parking garages. 

Please note that signage on streets and town squares is tended to by Lund Municipality’s Technical Department. Call the Citizen Centre at +46 46-359 50 00 or send an email to lunds.kommun@lund.se and they will help you further. 


Choose this category if you believe that your bicycle has been removed by LKP, and let us know:

  • Where and when your bicycle went missing. 
  • Brand, model, colour, number of gears and other possibe characteristics that would make identification easier. 
  • Attach a police report if you have filed one. Note that you can only report your stolen bicycle to the police if you can state the frame number and SEC-number.  

Car park ticket machines and EV charging boxes 

Please let us know if you’ve found a malfunctioning car park ticket machine, so that we can repair it as soon as possible. Enter the number of the machine in your email; it begins with one or a couple of letters, for example B, BA, BAG or GA. Note that the machine number is Not the same as the zone code of the car park. If you don’t know the number, try to explain specifically where the ticket machine is located. 

Appealing a control fee 

If you have received a blue-green parking ticket and wish to appeal, please send an email directly to overklagan@lkpab.se. For more information, see the blue-green ticket or click here.

The appeal process regarding the yellow tickets, the so-called parking notices is handled by the police. Call the nearest police station in the district where you got the notice, or call +46 114 14 and ask them to connect you. For more information, see the yellow ticket or click here.

Report a problem 

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