A number of our car parks are equipped with EV (electric vehicle) charging points. When you start a charging session, your car is allowed remain in the designated spot until it’s fully charged. 

Available EV charging stations in Lund

In our effort to make Lund more EV-friendly, we provide charging solutions in the majority of our parking garages and mobility houses. Click here to find you nearest car park. 

You can charge your car in the following locations: 

  • Arena Park
  • Aurora
  • Dammgården
  • Färgaren
  • Ideon
  • Lund C
  • Svane

PIn addition, there are four charging points for EV charging at Mårtenstorget. Here you can park and charge your car for one hour. The designated parking spots are marked “Laddplats”. 

For more information and technical specifications about our EV charging points, click to contact our supplier E-ways.

Charging outlets and output 

Outlet types

In order to use our EV charging solutions your vehicle has to be compatible with Type 2 plug charging. 

Charging speed

Our regular EV charging points allow a charging speed of 3–7 kW, depending on parking facility. Our fast charger at Svane mobility house is capable of both AC and DC charging up to 50 kW. 


What is the cost for EV charging at your car parks? 

The cost for the regular charging points are 3.98 kr/kWh and 5.95 kr/kWh for the fast charging points.

Please note that at the Ideon area and Mårtenstorget the charging station is run by Kraftringen, and the electricity is paid for separately. Download the app “Laddkartan” (the EV charger map) for more information. 

For how long can I charge my car? 

You can use the designated EV charging parking spot when your car needs charging. But to make the space available for others, you should move your car as soon as possible after the charging is complete. 

What are the terms for a designated parking spot or monthly parking? 

If you have a designated parking spot or a digital monthly parking subscription in one of our car parks, you’re free to use the available EV charging points for charging your car. When your car is fully charged, you need to move to the area marked “Månadskort gäller” (monthly parking only) or to your designated parking spot. We cannot provide a designated parking spot with its own charging point. Please note that you have to pay for the charging fee even if you have a monthly subscription.

If you have a designated parking spot or a digital monthly parking subscription and choose to pay for your charging through Parkster there is a special zone code with the addition “Laddplats Månadskort”. Then you can easily start and stop your charging in the app, while only being charged for the EV charging and not the parking.

Can I park at the EV charging points even if I don’t need to charge my car or don’t have an EV? 

No, the charging points are designated for EV charging only. Cars that are not chargeable or don’t need to be charged can only use regular parking spaces. 

Do I have a 24-hour access to my car? 

You have access to your car during the mobility house’s opening hours. You may also charge your car overnight, even if the car is fully charged before the mobility house opens the following day. However, make sure to move your car as soon as possible. 

See our map of mobility houses for more information.

Do you provide charging points for fast charging? 

The mobility house Svane has one fast charging point for both AC and DC charging up to 50 kW. At present you only pay for the parking and there is no extra cost for electricity. 

What applies to EV charging on streets and town squares? 

EEV charging on streets and town squares is administered by Lund municipality and Kraftringen. Click the links below for more information. 

Read more on Lund municipality’s website 
Read more on Kraftringen website