If you are registered on an address in Lund subject to residential parking, you can apply for a digital residential parking permit. 

If you choose monthly payment, your permit is automatically renewed the first day of every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time using the e-service. 

Residential parking is also available for 24 hours or a week at a time. This is not a subscription, you just book the permit as needed. 

When you enter your car registration number, we check if you have the right to apply for a digital monthly parking permit or not. If you live in the area but is not the car owner, you will not be granted the permit. Instead, use the link below to buy any of the other parking permits.

Permits for specific parking spaces .

Do I have the right to apply for residential parking? 

As mentioned, you can apply for a digital residential parking permit as long as you are registered on an address in a residential parking area in Lund.  

The map below shows residential parking areas in Lund. Type you address in the search field in the upper right corner and click the magnifying glass. If the marker with your address is placed in one of the pink areas, you can continue applying for a residential parking permit. Please read the terms below and follow the instructions in the green tabs. 


Requirements for completing a digital application

You need to have a valid email address, BankID or Mobile Bank ID (electronic identification), and a registered charge card or credit card in order to apply for a digital residential parking permit.

The following conditions apply:

  • You have to a registered resident on an address in an area with residential parking (see map above or tabs below). If you move to another area, the new address must be registered at the Swedish Transport Agency before you can apply for a new residential parking permit. 
  • Only one residential parking permit per person is allowed. 
  • You must be the registered owner of the vehicle for which you apply, and the vehicle must also be registered to your address at the Swedish Transport Agency (registered owner is the holder of the insurance and the one paying the vehicle tax). The vehicle must be in traffic, have an approved license for use and driving, and not be subject to SORN, statutory off road notification. 
  • You can apply for residential parking permits only for private cars class I, not camper vans for example. 
  • The parking permit is digital and applies only to the car registration number that was stated in the permit application. 
  • If you get a new car, you have to contact LKP by email info@lkpab.se and state your new car registration number. We will check that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and change the registration number on your current residential parking permit. 
  • Should the conditions above not be followed, your parking permit can be terminated by Lund municipality. 
  • Due to cleaning and sanitation, parking is allowed a maximum of 14 days in a row. 

Digital residential parking permit rates 

Get your digital residential parking permit here

Or download our app “LKP” from App Store or Google Play.

How to apply:

Company car or private car leasing

Company car

If you have a company car and would like to get a residential parking permit via the e-service, you need to submit a certificate from your employer. The certificate is a document certifying that you are permitted to use the vehicle also outside work hours for which you also pay company benefit tax. The certificate must also state that your right to use the vehicle covers at least one year. Send the certificate, your mobile phone number, email and address, as well as the name of your residential area to LKP AB, info@lkpab.se.

Private car leasing

If you have a private car leasing contract and would like to buy a residential parking permit via the e-service or the app “LKP”, you won’t need to submit any certificate.

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