To make it easy and convenient for you, we provide four ways of paying for your parking ticket. Should a ticket machine be out of order, make sure you use another payment method to avoid getting a parking fine. 

When you pay for your parking by text message, mobile app or voicemail, the parking attendant can see your digital parking ticket in the system. The digital ticket has the same validity as a regular paper ticket. Make sure you finalise the payment and receive a receipt or confirmation of the registered parking. 

Next to the ticket machine is a sign with information about alternative payment methods and instructions for use. The app supplier also handles payments that are not made through the app itself, such as payment by text message or voicemail. Please note that you cannot send your registration number or other information to our customer service as a replacement for a valid parking ticket.  

Payment by card

Our ticket machines are cashless and only available for payment by a charge card or credit card from the following companies:  

Some of the ticket machines are also fully digital. This means that the payment is registered to your car registration number, and you will not receive a paper ticket. The new ticket machines also have an automatic check-in and check-out function based on your car registration number, which means that you only pay for the actual time your car has been parked. Follow the instructions on the machine to end your parking period and make your payment.  

Montly parking tickets are not available via the new ticket machines. Instead, you can log in to your account on the LKPAB website, or use the apps Parkster and Easy Park (applicable for some of our car parks). 


After payment, you will get a digital receipt by email. If you haven’t received a receipt and need to get one later on, click the link below. 

Find a missing receipt 

Payment by app 

We have agreements with three well-established parking apps; Parkster, EasyPark, and Mobill. Pick you preferred alternative and download the app from App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). Open the app, then enter your details and card number to create an account. Find the zone code on the information signs at the car park, look up the matching code in your app and follow the instructions

Parking apps 


The Parkster app makes you flexible, as you can pay for your parking by app, text message or voicemail. Read more about these alternatives below. 


Download the EasyPark app and start your journey – this app works in a number of cities throughout Europe. EasyPark offers only payment by app. 


A versatile choice, Mobill provides payment solutions by app, EV charging, digital parking disc, and text message. Read more about payment by text message below. 

Payment by text message 

If you don’t have a smartphone or a charge card, paying by text message is a convenient alternative. Both Parkster and Mobill offers text message parking that does not require that you have an app. 

How it works: 


  1. Find the zone code on information signs in the parking area. 
  2. Type zone code, car registration number and your personal identification number. Example: 12345 ABC123 7106061325 (note the space between the three number series).  
  3. Send the message to 0707-13 14 15. Please note that your parking is only valid once you’ve received a response receipt.  
    Your personal identification number is only needed the first time you use this parking service. From now on you just have to type zone code and car registration number. 
  4. Pay your parking by the end of the month. You will have all your parking tickets in one invoice. 

Read more about Parkster parking. .


  1. Find the zone code on information signs in the parking area. 
  2. Type zone code, car registration number and preferred parking duration. Example: 12345 ABC123 2h (note the space between the three number series).  
  3. Send the message to 0700-86 11 00.  
  4. Make sure to enter parking duration correctly: 
    For duration in hours, type the number followed by h. Example: 2h or 6h. 
    For duration in minutes, add an m. Example: 25m, 45m, 90m 
    For duration in days, add a d. Example: 1d, 2d

Read more about Mobill parking. .


Parking by voicemail is a quick and easy alternative. Before you use parking by voicemail for the first time, you need to register an account at Parkster. Then you can pay for your parking by voicemail anytime. 

Register for voicemail at Parkster

How it works: 

  1. Find the zone code on information signs in the parking area. 
  2. Call 010-199 26 16 and follow the instructions. 
  3. Your parking starts right after the phone call. When your parking session is about to end, you’ll get a text message. If you need to prolong the parking, just call back and follow the same steps as earlier.  

Parking costs 

Public areas, such as streets and town squares, have three levels of car park rates: 22 SEK/hour, 12 SEK/hour, and 6 SEK/hour. Car parks on building plots, such as outdoor parking areas and parking garages, have varying parking rates. Go to Our services > Find parking and click the map to find detailed information about the rates of each car park. 


Do you need to find a receipt for a parking you’ve already paid for earlier? If you have paid by an app, your receipts are saved and easily retrievable in the app. If you used a ticket machine, you need to click one of the links below and fill in a form about the parking. As we have two different ticket machines and your information cannot be registered by the first link, we kindly ask you to try the other. 

Find my receipt at Flowbird/Cale 
Find my receipt at Hectronic