We constantly work for sustainable mobility and a better urban environment. By providing safe and efficient bicycle parking facilities, we support bicycling as a standalone transport solution as well as situations where bicycling serves as a supplement to driving.

Rent a bicycle box 

Unfortunately, bicycles are theft-prone items. You can stay ahead of the thieves by renting a space in our bicycle box at Brunnshög’s commuter parking lot by the tram station Brunnshögstorget. 

Directions to Brunnshög’s commuter parking .


By signing up for a subscription of the bicycle box, you make sure you always have a safe storage space for your bike. For more information, send us an email to info@lkpab.se. 

6 months: 500 SEK 

12 months: 800 SEK  

Other bicycle parking opportunities 

An illegally parked bicycle can be in the way for pedestrians, and even hazardous for visually impaired people. This is why there are plenty of bicycle racks in various parts of the city. There is also a locked bicycle parking garage at Västra Stationstorget (see the button below). In general, the limit for parking a bicycle in the same spot in Lund is 24 hours.

Lund municipality offers many bicycle parking areas, but the majority of them is in the centre of town. You’ll find 24-hour parking facilities as well as parking garages and a small long-term parking both east and west of the railway tracks.