Bicycles that are not properly parked in bicycle racks can cause problems for disabled people, those carrying a lot of luggage, and even baby carriages – not to mention emergency vehicles. If you park your bicycle with the front wheel placed in the bicycle rack, you’re fine. Too many bicycles and no space left? Another bicycle rack might be just around the corner.

The Lund city limits allow maximum 24 hours of continuous parking on weekdays, except for weekdays before holidays and Sundays. Bicycles that have not been used for a longer period of time are marked and removed by LKP. 

Bicycles can be removed according to the law regarding removal of vehicles (LFF 1982:129) and the regulation regarding removal of vehicles in special cases (FFF 1982:189). If you have parked your bicycle wrongly or illegally, it may be taken into custody and you’ll have to pay a 200 SEK bail to reclaim it. If your bicycled has been removed due to exceeded long-term parking, reclaiming it is free of charge. Contact us by clicking the button below (report an error) if you believe your bicycle has been removed by LKP. 

If that is not the case, your bicycle might be stolen and you should report this to the police and your insurance company. 

This sign tells you that parking is prohibited – except for bicycles that are parked correctly in the bicycle racks. Wrongly parked bicycles will be removed.