In some of our car parks you can rent your own designated parking spot. This means you will have a parking spot with its own number, and nobody but you can use it. 

How can I rent a designated parking spot? 

Our designated parking spots are very sought after, and you’d have to wait at least a year for a designated spot in any of our car parks. 

If you’d like to rent a designated parking spot, make your application using the form below. We’ll put you up on the waiting list for your preferred car park and let you know as soon as a space is available for you. When you have accepted the offered parking spot, you’ll sign a contract and pay the cost by invoice for as long as you need the spot. 

Please note that you can only rent a designated parking spoy in our parking garages and other car parks on building plots, not in public areas such as streets and town squares. 

Apply for a designated parking spot 

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