The company’s goal and mission is to cater to the demand for parking solutions and offer the best possible parking service.

This is LKP.


At LKP we manage and monitor private plots, public street areas and town squares. The company is owned completely by Lunds Rådhus AB. 

LKP owns and manages 9 parking garages with a total of approx. 4 200 parking spaces. We also manage approx. 17, 300 parking spaces in other facilities and areas of various sizes. Strategically located, our parking facilities are easy to reach from all roads leading into Lund. You’ll find our largest parking facilities in the city centre. In addition, we monitor approx. 5 000 parking spaces in public street areas and town squares all over Lund municipality. 

We’re members of Svenska Parkeringsföreningen (the Swedish Parking Association) and follow their code of ethics. 

“Our company goal and mission are to meet the need of parking solutions and provide the best possible parking service.”


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