Disability parking permits are valid anywhere in the country where local traffic regulations on parking have been issued, usually on public streets, roads and car parks.

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Public street areas 

Please note that parking permits issued by Lund municipality only apply to public street areas such as streets and squares that are owned and managed by the municipality. 

Building plots

Other parking regulations may apply if you park your car on a building plot, which is privately owned land where the landowner sets up the parking rules. On building plots a disability parking permit is necessarily not free of charge, but you have the right to use the designated disability parking spaces. See the parking sign; is the car park subject to a fee, this also applies to people holding disability parking permits. 

To know if an area is considered a building plot, see the sign by the entrance to the car park. It tells which company is in charge of the monitoring. 

Apply for disability parking permit 

You apply for a disability parking permit by filling in the application form (link below) and send it to the Technical administration. You’ll find the address at the top of the form. You’ll also need to attach a medical certificate and newly taken photo. 

Application form

Would you rather have the application form sent to you by regular mail? Call Medborgarcenter (Citizen centre) on 046-359 50 00. 

Who may have the right to a disability parking permit?

  • You who drive a car and have a long-standing condition that causes significant difficulty with individual mobility. 
  • You who are a passenger and have a long-standing condition that causes significant difficulty with individual mobility. Due to the extent of your needs, you also need continuous assistance by the driver outside the vehicle. 

Processing of your application

Your application will be processed and evaluated by the administrators at the Technical administration, and the decision is sent to you in writing within approximately four weeks. Previously granted permits don’t automatically entitle to a new permit, and each application for a parking permit is handled as a new application.  

Non-eligible reasons for disability parking  

  • Disability that is expected to last less than six months 
  • Difficulty to carry heavy items, such as purchased goods 
  • Need of extra space around the car 

Picking up and dropping off passengers without disability parking permit 

All drivers may stop to pick up or drop off a person in a designated pick up and drop off zone, in a place with a parking ban, or in a designated disability parking spot, if the person is ill or has difficulty walking (according to the Traffic Ordinance, chapter 11, § 6, note 7). You may also drive on pedestrian streets when transporting people who are ill or have difficulty walking (according to the Traffic Ordinance, chapter 8, § 1). 

Appeal a decision 

If you’re not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal to Länsstyrelsen (the County Administrative Board) and in the next step to Transportstyrelsen (the Swedish Transport Agency). After that, the decision can be appealed to the Administrative Court, the Appellate Court, and the Highest Administrative Court. 


Would you like to know more? Contact the citizen centre on 046-359 50 00 or send an email to the Technical administration at Lund municipality, tekniska.forvaltningen@lund.se

Map of disability parking spaces in Lund 

Click on the link below to see a map of all the disability parking spaces in the centre of Lund.

Lund disability parking map