Control Fee

If you’ve parked your car in a way that doesn’t comply with the current parking regulations, LKP may issue a control fee or a parking charge notice. These are somewhat different, and below we’ll explain what applies to a control fee. 

Got a yellow ticket? Click here to learn more.

Blue-green Ticket

The blue-green ticket, also called control fee, is issued by LKP in the event of parking violations on building plots. This includes for example parking garages, defined parking areas or private land that is owned, managed and/or monitored by LKP. The control fee is always 400 SEK and can be issued as a form of invoice if you’ve parked in an unauthorized manner or without a valid parking permit. 


Do you want to appeal a control fee? Read the information below and contact our administrators by email.

What did I do wrong?

When you drive into a building plot, such as a parking garage, you will drive past be signs showing what regulations apply to that particular parking area. Once you’ve passed the signs, you’re considered to be in agreement with the parking terms. If you break the rules of agreement, you will be issued a control fee. 

See “Överträdelse” (violation) on the blue-green ticket to find out on which grounds you’ve been issued a control fee. If you need more information and would like to see the pictures taken by the parking attendant in order to document the violation, you may scan the QR code on the control fee, or go to Sign in with your case number. Here you can find all the information regarding your control fee. 

How do I appeal?

Send an email to and include:

  • Case number (“ärendenummer”), stated at the top of the blue-green ticket.
  • Registration number of the car to which the control fee has been issued. 
  • Detailed description of the event. The more details you can provide about the situation, the more facts our administrators have to take into consideration when viewing the case. Try to be as clear and factual as you can. 
  • Your contact information. Phone number and email address. 

Note that the processing time may take up to three weeks. 

For inquiries regarding the handling process of the appeal, please send an email to

Our customer service cannot assist you in questions regarding your specific case, as they are not involved in the appeal process and don’t make any decisions in the matter.

Do I have to pay the fee even if I appeal? 

Whether you choose to pay the fee during the appeal process or not, is up to you. Given that the process may last up to three weeks, our recommendation is that you pay the fee within the eight days to avoid late payment fees. Make your payment to Plus giro account 4779804-6. If you choose not to pay, you will receive a late payment reminder from Prioritet Finans AB/Prioritet Inkasso. 

You’ll find information regarding payment on the front of the blue-green ticket. 

Should you have problems paying on time, please contact Prioritet Finans AB and explain your situation. 

If you’ve paid the control fee and still receive a reminder, please double-check with your internet bank to ensure that the transaction has been processed correctly. Should you receive a reminder even though the fee has been paid, it may be because the payment has not yet been registered by the recipient. 

For inquiries regarding payments, contact Prioritet Finans AB on 020-300 100 or use the contact form in the link below. 

Prioritet Finans AB contact form

Payment from abroad

Use the following info if you need to pay your parking charge notice from outside of Sweden.

Plusgiro: 477 98 04 – 6

IBAN number: SE7495000099601847798046

Swift-code: NDEASESS


If you win your appeal, the control fee will be refunded. Our finance department handles the refund and will inform you by email when the refund has been made. 


Once you’ve received a decision regarding your appeal, it’s considered final by our administrators. Customer service cannot not assist you further as we don’t provide phone contact with our administrators for security reasons.  

In this case you can pay the fee according to the decision made by our administrators, or challenge the decision in the district court. Should you decide on the latter, we ask you to email our Customer service so that we can inform our lawyers. It’s up to you to contact the district court and other authorities regarding taking the matter further.