From 1 April 2020, LKP executes removal of vehicles. A vehicle that is incorrectly parked and threatens to disturb order and security in the traffic and environment, may in certain cases be removed by decision of the Swedish Transport Administration, the police or the municipality. Announcements about removed vehicles can be requested at the reception at Kristallen, Brotorget 1. 

The municipality is authorised to remove vehicles based on the law of removal of vehicles (LFF 1982:129), the ordinance regarding removal of vehicles in certain cases (FFF 1982:189), and the Environmental Code. The process may differ in length of time due to if the vehicle is located on public or private land and for contacts to be made with owners, police, insurance companies, etc. The municipality is responsible for removing vehicles from public land, but may also move vehicles from private land by request from the landowner. The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for removing vehicles along national roads. The report is made via the police on 11414.  

For removal of vehicles the following basic principle applies: the owner of the vehicle is obliged to cover for the actual costs of the removal along with additional costs caused by the removal. When vehicles are removed from private land, the invoice goes to the landowner (from 1 April, 2020), who in turn claims compensation from the vehicle owner. 

Abandoned vehicles are not only space consuming and ugly. They can also be hazardous to the environment and to children, as they can become tempting playgrounds. Abandoning a car or storing it in a way that goes against environmental legislation is a crime punishable by a fine or imprisonment. If you find vehicles that are obviously illegally parked, dangerously located or that are considered car wrecks (abandoned vehicles of no or little value), you can report this via our fault report form.

What do I do if my car has been removed? 

If you believe that your car has been seized due to illegal parking, please send an email to and state:
– Where your car was parked
– When you believe it was removed 
– Registration number 
– Your name (as the registered owner) 
– Description of the car, such as colour, brand and model 
– Contact information (phone and email address) 

We’ll come back to you whether it is LKP that is responsible for the removal and what your next step should be.